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Customer Testimonial

I wanted to have this testimonial on our site about one of our customer’s experience working with us… ———————————————————————————— was a dream to work with. The printer that I was originally looking to buy, recommended to me by another vendor, was not the best printer for us by far. My sales rep took into…

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How Small Color Copiers Can Make You Miserable

Often when dealing with customers here in the Denver area, I get this question… “What color device do you have that is less than $1,000 and works really well?” Unfortunately, with these types of devices, you are not shooting for what works well, but just for what works…at all… The problem is now you are…

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HP Laserjet CM6030/ CM6040 — Product Review

With speeds as fast as 40 pages per minute the HP Laserjet CM6030 / CM6040 is a copier series worth keeping an eye on.  At this time, it appears that the cost per print is a tad high on this device, but the image quality and reliability seem to be good.  Of course for the…

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