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Copier Repair Service

When buying a copier it is important that you have someone who can provide your company with repairs and regular maintenance for your copier. Copiers take a lot of abuse in the workplace, especially if your office is a high volume office, because they are crucial to the moment-to-moment functioning of any office space. If…

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An Interesting Sales Call!

I recently visited a potential client.  We shall keep them nameless as there is still a chance for business there.  I went there with very little in mind other than they wanted to chat about a nationwide printer contract. That is always exciting to get an opportunity to talk about a contract of this size. …

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Copier Purchases in Denver

Denver: Copier Purchasing  When you are considering any major purchase for your business, such as a copier machine, it is a major investment. That is why it is important to partner with a supplier who understands this and will make every effort to accommodate your full understanding of your purchase decision. As you partner with…

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The Problem of “Underbuying” on a Copier

  If you have read through these posts at all, you will see a consistent theme where I have warned against the problem of “overbuying” for your needs… with some budgets shrinking, now people are facing the opposite problem more often.  I will have customers here in Denver tell me they are doing 4,000 to…

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Copiers — IT or Facilities Responsibility??

I have watched the purchasing decision for many of the copiers that are going out today change hands from Facilities to IT.  Often this is a tough battle of politics within a company where one person (the Facilities person) has one preferred vendor and the other (the IT specialist) has another vendor they like.  Both…

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HP Laserjet M4345 — Product Review

As usual, when HP does something, it changes the game.  When HP came out with the Laserjet M4345, other manufacturers who did letter / legal copiers  we building machines like this that only went 18 pages per minute.  HP built this machine and it became apparent very quickly there was a new dog in town…

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