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Buying a Used Copier Without Expensive Monthly Maintenance

If you are in the used copier market, one of the thoughts you probably have is “should I get the monthly maintenance contract?”  Many people opt for the maintenance contract because they know if there is an expensive repair, they’ll be unable to fix the copier themselves.  They may be a construction company, an auto dealership, an accountant or in some other line of business and they don’t want to waste days trying to get their copier to function, they just want it to work.

satisfaction-guaranteedGet protection included in your copier purchase

With Pahoda, we do not require you to enter into an expensive monthly contract.  We have a low cost maintenance contract that is included in the cost of the initial sale and covers you for 3 years.  We know many people want to “get it and forget it.”  We have a used copier program that is perfect for someone who wants to purchase a copier without having to get an expensive monthly maintenance program.  You don’t have to send us meter reads, you can just use your copier.

All you have to do is buy toner like you would have had you bought a used copier without a contract and we get you a solid copier maintenance program.  If you have multiple offices, that is cool, our program is nationwide!

How it Works:

Buy a used copier from Pahoda with the Copier Major Repair program guarantee and you get the assurance that you are not buying a lemon.  How?  You are covered in the maintenance.  You won’t be responsible for mounting service call costs.  As long as you aren’t abusing the copier (dumping coke, stabbing with a screwdriver, having major power surges in your building, you are covered.)

You will have the peace of mind knowing you will not have to suffer through a major repair bill on your used copier in the next year.

Why Buy Used?

Used copiers can cost 1/3 to 1/2 what a new copier costs and often can last 3, 4 or even 5 years.  When you are trying to reduce your copier costs without having invasive long term service contracts, this is a perfect plan.  You know you are going to get a great copier, service when needed, and you can buy remanufactured toner from us without voiding your warranty.

We are committed to your total satisfaction and are happy to help you with a new or a used copier purchase!