Copier Sales and Service in Denver Colorado

Denver Copier Sales, Leasing and Toner

We work with several manufacturers including Xerox, Muratec, and Okidata

Copier Leases

We do lease to own and lease to return programs

Production Machines

After you print, we have the post printing equipment you need like folders and inserters.

Simple Plans

Pay a simple per print cost. We have different plans for different copier needs

How We Help You

Let's be honest, most people are not super excited to look for a new copier to lease or purchase. It is a necessary evil for most offices. We strive to make every part of the copier purchase simple and pleasant for busy professionals.

First, we use software that automatically collects your print information so you don't have to report meters every month. We build widgets which can help you know the exact right copier for your company. We have a person on staff to help answer your installation questions. We work with hundreds of companies in the Denver area to provide them with the copiers they need.

We are here for you. We don't force you to meet with a rep to get a quote. We don't call 1,000 times trying to work with you. We appreciate our clients and do everything we can to make their lives easy and to help them make the right copier purchase. For a copier company, we are a bit laid back, but it isn't because we are not passionate about helping our clients. It is because we love to work with our clients that we work so hard to meet their needs. We hope you will consider calling us if you are looking for a copier in Denver!

Xerox Copiers

We sell the brand that invented the office copier. We love the way Xerox is committed to engineering the world's best copiers!

Folding Machines

Formax builds some awesome folders and inserters. If you fold paper by hand, it is time to check out your other options - like having a machine do it!

Friendly Reps

We work hard to be nice. We are able to make a living because companies in the Denver area trust us to help them with their copiers. Being nice to them is important to us.

One on the Shelf

Please have one of all the supply items on the shelf. It is part of the program!

No Freight

Some dealers charge freight whenever you need supplies. It is built into our cost and never extra (except overnight).

No Upcharges

Some dealers make their rates creep up over time. They add 5% per year. We don't. Where you start is where you stay.

Off Model Support

We support other printer makes and models with a support plan. Brands like HP, Lexmark, Brother, Dell and others can be covered.