We believe referrals are great for our business and we have many customers who speak about us.

We will let you read their words, if you are a customer and would be willing to give your testimonial, please Contact Us.

“I have worked on and off with Jesse at Pahoda for many years. He is one of the most knowledgable reps in printer and copier sales that I have ever known. In addition, he has always kept his promises and met his deadlines, even when we were really in a tight spot. We especially appreciate his ability to dial-in to our specific needs and offer a printer, toner, or copier product with the absolute best TCO. I would definitely recommend Jesse and Pahoda to anyone looking to strategically deploy and maintain printers and copiers for their organization”

Jason W – Education Professional 

“Awesome Vendor for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses It’s hard for small businesses to find really good vendors sometimes, and I started working with Jesse and Pahoda when he bailed me out of a miserable situation with a former vendor. This vendor was trying to save me too much money, and due to unreliable products and seriously delayed customer service, he ended up costing me much more than the cost of the printer. Jesse quickly assessed the printer that would solve my problem and it was hardly any more than the one my former vendor was trying to sell me. It has performed flawlessly and even exceeded my expectations. Jesse was completely honest, forthright and explained everything I needed to understand in plain language I could understand. I am definitely a raving fan.”

Patty L – Computer Repair Company in Denver

“The only company I would go with. Jesse and Pahoda have treated us right, and we will continue to do business with him over the years. Copier and printer people that do this kind of job are hard to find.   It was nice that when other companies were trying to sell us $7,000 copiers, Pahoda found us a copier at 1/3 the price that has worked perfectly at our firm for almost 2 years now.”

Thomas T. — Bankruptcy Attorney in Denver

Pahoda Goes Above and Beyond I’ve been working with Jesse and Pahoda for almost a year now. At first I had him help us expand our offering of copiers, printers, and toner, but that soon expanded into multiple product specific SEO mini-sites. Most companies I’ve dealt with shower you with attention at the time of the sale then forget about you after a few months. This is where Jesse is different. Not only does he offer up ideas and suggestions before the sale, he continues to follow up and work with us just as much 10 months down the road. Working with Jesse and Pahoda has been such a pleasure that we’ve referred him to over 250 of our best clients.

Tom A – Computer Repairs in Las Vegas

When I was looking for a color printer locally (St. Louis), I contacted 5 different copier companies that carried different brands. I had included Pahoda in the mix because of the great response he had on the internet. After talking to Jesse Harwell, he showed me how to determine the “coverage” of my printing. After determining my needs, he came up with his recommendations. I used the numbers for color and B&W that we came up with for each of the other copier / printer companies. The best one was a company that came in with two salespeople and a bag of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! Their recommendation was for an 8000 printer. The lowest priced company came in with a $2800 printer. The printer that Jesse recommended was $1000. I placed an order with Jesse for the printer and it was delivered about one week later. The printer was very easy to set up and configure. We have it set up as a network printer. It has performed beautifully and we have not had any problems with it. Jesse called a few times to let us know the status of the order and when it was delivered, he called to see if we needed any help with the setup or configuration. By the way – Jesse and his company are about 1000 miles away from my office. I would most definitely recommend him and his company for both his knowledge of the products out in the field, but his realistic outlook to your needs. My only complaint was that there were no cookies – BUT I did get a fantastic printer. If anyone out there is looking for a printer / copier and would like to talk to me about my experiences and why I chose to do business with Jesse, Please get in contact with me (through Jesse). I will purchase all my printers and copiers from Jesse as my company grows – cookies or no cookies

Sid F — EMR Company in St Louis

We are a software company that has an office with a number of scattered printers both inkjet and toner. Pahoda showed us how we could consolidate printers and effectively save thousands of dollars in printer cartridges every year! We moved to a single main copier / printer and with everyone networked. Now we have a great workflow and are not constantly running out for new printer and toner cartridges every couple of weeks. They were very honest and were never wanted or “forced” us to change over… but just showed us the hard facts about how much money we were losing and it was a no brainer. I would recommend Pahoda to anyone looking to save money with their copiers and printers.

Kat K.– Software Company

The staff at Pahoda helped us cut our printing cost by more than half! They guided us into the right product and the right program all with our best interest in mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to streamline, or cut printing costs for their business.

Matt V — Book Publisher and Youth Minister

Jesse has worked tirelessly to help streamline our company’s printing needs and has worked to save us literally thousands of dollars in printer and toner costs. He offers fantastic options for purchasing copiers and printers at spot-on price points. Great attention to detail and responsiveness.

Clayton – Window and Siding Company