What an A3 Copier can Do For You

When you are shopping or a copier it is important to make sure you have a machine that can handle any job your work demands. Not all printers and copiers are made for the same jobs. That’s why at Denver Copier we help you find exactly what you need. And if you need something with the most power and options, then we should talk about what an A3 copier can do for you.

When thinking about what an A3 copier can do for you it is important to understand what an A3 copier is. A3 copiers are also called tabloid copiers, as they are able to handle tabloid prints, which are twice as big as traditional office paper. They offer print sizes of at least 11” x 17” which opens you up to more media options while printing.

They also offer the ability to maximize your color prints. A3 copiers offer more power and their cheaper counterparts and offer you more access to colors and printing options. They will create the most photorealistic prints, and give you the ability to make large posters, or a number of beautiful pamphlets.

Tabloid copiers are not right for every business. In fact, only about 3% of all prints are done on tabloid paper. But the companies that need to print tabloid demand access to an A3 copier to get their jobs done.

Call Denver Copier today if you want to know more about leasing an A3 copier. We can help get you exactly what you need for your business, without abusing your wallet.