Another Odd Reason Not to Buy a Copier

Our reasons to purchase a copier:

I just got a call from a realtor and we chatted about his needs and he asked how long our company has been in business.  I told him it was about 3 years and he said that he didn’t want a quote from us because he wanted to work with a Denver copier company that had been in business over 10 years.  Maybe he had been burned in the past paying a bunch for service that went away when a company went out of business.  Or maybe he assumed that if we had only been in business for 3 years, we couldn’t really know what we were doing.  It is America, so I don’t blame him for not getting a quote.  He had his reasons and desires for a copier, and I just didn’t meet what he was looking for.  Fair enough.

In cases like this though, I do get confused.  We all have our reasons and expectations when we buy.  A big box store gives better deals because they are national or a local store gives better service.  These may or may not be true.  The issue is when the purchase cost is high and our energy to look into the company we are going to work with is low.  This is when we can get a bad deal.

When dealing with a copier company in Denver, there are some common questions that should come up.

  • Who is going to do the service?
  • What is my overall cost (Machine plus service plus prints)
  • Will I have to get a new contract soon?
  • Do I want my laser printers covered too?
  • Do I trust the person I am talking to.

We hope we can be your copier company here in Denver and are happy to provide quotes and references to potential copier buyers.