Are You Blissfully Ignorant on Your Copier Purchase in Denver?

What Copier Customers in Denver Don't Want to Know...

What Copier Customers in Denver Don't Want to Know...

Sometimes it is nice not to know what’s happening.  People will go years without a physical when they feel bad because they don’t want bad news.  It is human nature.  We all all like to pretend we want to know hard facts, but we really don’t.

Copier purchases are no different.  You have been working with the same copier company in Denver for years and who wants to think they have been getting ripped off.  If you have been getting ripped off, do you really want to know how bad it has been?  This can be devastating.  We realize our beloved rep, has been soaking us for years, it feels bad.

We are not saying that your copier company in Denver is actually ripping you off.  We are saying that if they are, you likely haven’t bothered to discover this harsh fact.  So, if you want to break this viscious cycle on your copier purchases in Denver, you will need to look at some key things.  Here are some typical signs of being oversold.

  1. You only print Letter/Legal, but have a copier that takes Tabloid (11 X 17)
  2. You only print mono but you have a color copier
  3. You pay for prints you don’t actually use
  4. You spend a lot of money, but do very few prints and copies.

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