Are You Buying a Canon Copy Machine in Denver?

Xerox is a Great Alternative to Canon!

When choosing a copier, it is important to look at all of the factors that go into a decision.  We do not sell Canon copiers here in Denver, and if I am candid, I have to admit Canon is an exceptionally solid copier brand.  My five favorite copiers in order go:

  1. Xerox
  2. Canon
  3. Kyocera
  4. Ricoh
  5. Konica Minolta

Of these brands, we really only sell Xerox and Ricoh printers (but not their copiers.)

With Canon, we see pretty competitive offerings which are always a bear to win.  However, I like Xerox a little more because of a few of their advantages:

  • In a Xerox cost per print plan, tabloid sheets only count as 1 click rather than the standard 2 clicks.
  • Xerox has a "Total Satisfaction Guarantee" which ensures a client remains happy.  If a copier has a ton of technical difficulties, we see Xerox taking the lead and putting in a replacement copier before the customer even demands it.
  • Xerox has been famous for having amazing color quality

Ultimately, it is going to be hard to go too wrong with a Xerox copier or a Canon copier in Denver.  Both are excellent brands, a lot of the difference you will experience is the copier sales rep you are going to be working with.  A few reasons we believe we are unique at Pahoda are the following reasons:

  • We keep a database of over 1500 laser printers and copiers to make sure we stay up with market trends
  • We actually do websites for dealers of other brands in other cities so we can get insider information in the industry, like our recent blog article that Sharp could be selling off their copier division.
  • We keep our billing simple and don't raise our rates every year by 5% like many of our competitors
  • We don't try and sell you the largest copy machine you can afford, but the best copier for your business.

If you are looking for a copy machine in Denver, please give us a call or fill out this handy form today!