Avoid Bad Toner Sales Deals

When it comes to purchasing toner for the copier in your Denver office, make sure your company only orders from an approved vendor. This is an especially important structure to have in place for employees to practice when the designated purchaser isn’t available. What’s the big deal?

Telemarketers often contact a business and gather information, seemingly innocently, about the office’s copy machine. They’ll call back at a later time and inform the admin that the person in charge of purchasing office supplies has requested a toner to test out. The receptionist may believe the story and give out credit card information in order to pay shipping charges.

This leads to an overcharge on the company’s invoice. They take the loss, because the time investment to straighten it out wouldn’t be worth it. So, to avoid this problem in your Denver office, remember the following:
• Only use an approved vendor.
• Never buy from a telemarketer before verifying the business they’re calling on behalf of and making an informed decision.
• Only employees who are in charge of handling the copier system should be authorized to make purchases involving the copier.