Avoiding Cheap Little Copiers When You Need it to Last

Why You Should Avoid Getting Copiers at Discount Stores

While some people say you can save money purchasing from a dealer, over a retail establishment, there are things that you must understand. You do have benefits to purchasing from a retail store. For example, if your copier breaks, will someone come on-site to service it? In most cases, you will have to transport it to the service facility, where they will give you an estimate to repair it. Oftentimes, this costs more than what you paid for the copier.

How long before you experience problems? If you plan to use your copier on a regular basis, purchasing the cheapest copier you can find will not save money in the long term. In most cases, you will receive an estimated 18 months of service before expensive parts start to fail. When manufacturers talk about the cost per page, they are only talking about the cost of toner. They consider the other consumables as parts for cost per page, which is extraordinarily misleading.

The bottom line: You have to be careful when looking for the best deal on copiers. What looks cheap at the discount store often costs more. Contacting your local Xerox-authorized copier dealer is often the best way to guarantee that the copier will last for five years.