Avoiding Toner Scams

You receive the copier bill for the month and you realize it is triple what you paid last month. You don’t know why the cost has increased yet the output has stayed the same. The answer lies with toner purchase – your company in Denver might be a victim of rogue toner purchases.

How does it Happen?

Well, most purchases in a company lacking a strict policy are due to phone solicitation from marketers. For instance, your accountant might find a good deal, only to acquire substandard toner for copiers.

What is the Solution?

The first thing is to make sure that only specific departments have the authority to buy the toners. For example, you can assign the purchasing department in collaboration with IT department to handle these purchases. Let everyone understand that this is a company policy and should be followed to the latter.

Use only Qualified Vendors

Identify and qualify several vendors to work with. You can then sign contracts with these vendors to supply the toner. The reason here is that these vendors take time to assess your company’s particular needs and offer the best pricing for high quality toner.