Awesome Rebates on Color Copiers

Xerox-LogoXerox has been doing some amazingly aggressive rebates this quarter and we hope they choose to extend into Q4 where a client can get 60% off the cost of a new copier with a qualifying device they can move up from.  For example, on the WorkCentre 6655, a client needs to have a color copier with 87,000 plus total pages to qualify for a rebate that can be over $2,000 each.  Plus, the client can get up to 5 copiers at this incredible rate.

So, if you have an old copier at the end of its life, maybe it is time to consider a new Xerox copier.  The prices are aggressive and the specials are extremely friendly and give a great incentive for a change.

The special is on all of the A4 capable copiers in the color line of Xerox.  These would include the WorkCentre 6605, the WorkCentre 6655, Colorqube 8700,  Colorqube 8900 and the printers in this class too.