Benefits of Comparing – Cost per Print

copier_girlIn order to stay in business, Denver Copier companies ensure that they always have monthly revenue coming in from prints for thousands of different clients. As a printer business, we have noted that the primary mistake people make when they purchase services from a Denver Copier company is that their pricing package includes more pages than they will use each month. In short, these customers are treating their copier in the same way we used to treat minute coverage for our cell phones. The idea is based on the old “Better safe than sorry” mantra which is predicated on the notion that buying a plan with too many minutes is better than paying extra money for overage costs. The problem with this mentality is that with copiers, overages are generally right in line with per click charges. Here is an example:

One medical company we worked with used to pay $500 each month to have 80,000 prints per month on their copier. The Denver Copier company they bought from was thus charging a very reasonable price of just $.00625 per copy. If the medical company had remained within this cost range while printing 80,000 prints on a regular basis, the copier company would have gone out of business. Instead, the medical company was only printing around 35,000 prints each month. Since this was the case, the medical company wasn’t getting any great deal at all. Instead of costing $.00625 per print, the company was paying about $.0142 per page. This is more than double the rate charged by the copier company. Thus if a business wants to ensure that it gets the best prices possible on copier prices, it is essential that the company not waste money on unused pages.