Buying a Printer vs a Copier

It is usually thought that copiers are cheaper than printers but this is a myth that just is not true all of the time. When deciding between the two types of devices, it is important to consider all of the different costs Xerox_Phaser_8560of owning each one. Const per print, maintenance, power usage and the actual up-front cost of each device should be considered before the decision is made.

Most people don’t actually think about how much more expensive it is to buy a copier than a printer. Copiers can also be much more to maintain because they are more prone to breaking down than printers. Plus, copiers use a lot more power than printers. Another thing to consider is that there are often times a printer version of the copier, that can easily function in place of the copier, because the cost per print is the same.

A lot of the reason that people think that printers are cheaper is because they get laser printers and those are much less efficient per print. This is especially costly for businesses that print a large number of pages each month.

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