Cheap Color Costs per Click

Saving Cash

Saving cash on a copier in Denver can be tricky for most people. When you’re looking at a copier here in Denver, you are likely to have to try and understand how cost per print relates to your bottom line, the issue is you also have to account for the copier cost itself.  So, people often get frustrated and confused.  I wanted to let you in on a little tip that might help you get to the bottom of what’s a good deal as quickly as possible. 

If you take the cost differential of two copiers, say one is $6000 and the other is $12000, you would get a $6000 dollar differential. Now you can also do the same on the clicks.  If the $12,000 costs $.06 per click and the $6000 is $.09 per click, you get $.03 differential.  Now, all you have to do is divide the dollar diffential by the print differential to get your “break even”point.  In this example – $6000/$.03 = 200,000 — This is how many color copies you’d need to make to justify the $6000 initial differential — or 3,333 color prints a month.  If you knew you were only doing 1000 color copies a month, it wouldn’t make financial sense to buy the 12,000 copier.

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