Color Copier Sales in Denver — Consolidation Tips

Are you Looking at a Color Copier?

Are you Looking at a Color Copier?

There are a bunch of people who are looking for color copiers to replace their older color printers and their normal copiers as a new method of having just one machine instead of two.  A good cost saving move, if done correctly.  A nightmare if it is done poorly.  What are some things to consider if you are thinking about consolidation of your current printer and copier?

  • Driver Settings — If you are going to consolidate, you need to DEFAULT the copier to Black and White and make users choose color.  If you do not, every document will be printed in color.  What once cost $.01 will now be $.10 — Not a good trade off.
  • Workflow — Some copier companies want to consolidate a whole copier fleet in Denver because they want to own all the prints.  They don’t consider what was once a 10 foot walk is now 100 feet.  Distractions happen and work productivity decreases.
  • Workload — Is everyone already waiting to use the printer or copier.  if the queue is consistently clogged, consolidation is madness because no one will be getting work done.  If it is the other way, nothing printing, this is a good canidate
  • Reliability — If this consolidated color copier goes down, then what?  You need to know what the backup plan is if the color copier goes down.  Color copiers have more service calls than monochrome copiers do.  If you had 3 service calls last year, expect 10 to 12 this year with the color device.  Color copiers have more potential problems because there are generally 6 times more consumable types of items.

If you consider these facets when considering your next color copier, you will be doing well.  If you neglect these crucial questions, best of luck to you!