Copier Buying Tips

3 tips on obtaining a copier for your business

Every great business needs the right equipment. This includes a computer system, desks, chairs, cell phones, tablets, and other cool gadgets. One piece that is often overlooked is the copier. Don’t let yourself underestimate the usefulness that a copier will bring to your office. Keep the following in mind when you decide to obtain one.

Purchase or Lease

Every business has different needs. Decide if your company is better off leasing or buying a copier. With leasing, you don’t own the equipment but with purchasing, you pay for everything. This decision will affect more than you might think, including what you can deduct from taxes.

The size of the office

Is your office part of a huge company or a small start-up? How many people will be on staff? What are the copying and printing needs for the office? Don’t pay money for a large copier that will not be fully utilized. When your business grows, you can buy a new machine.

Consider the features

Modern copiers come with a full set of bells and whistles. Keep in mind the needs of your company when deciding on a machine. What features will be useful to your company? What features won’t be used? Try to find a copier that fits your needs right now.