Copier Lease Renewals

How to Throw Away a Lot of Cash on a Denver Copier...

How to Throw Away a Lot of Cash on a Denver Copier...

Sometimes it seems people are specifically looking for ways they can throw away money on their copier or color copier in Denver.  I try and always approach my sales as to what would I want to do if I were in the customer’s position.  I guess it is simply trying to apply the golden rule.  However, this method is not common, so people are naturally suspicious of advice.  Who can blame them?

One thing you can do which will cost you a lot of extra money on your copier in Denver is to sign up for the new lease well before the end of the current term.  Here’s why:

  • Banks expect to get all the money for amounts they have financed on loans (so the payments will not be “forgiven”), your remaining payments will be rolled into the new lease.
  • When you buy a good copier in Denver, it should be able to last for the entirety of it’s lease.  If it can’t, you bought a bad copier and simply rolling into a new lease means you are trusting the same people who got you here in the first place
  • People are likely to do this when there are copier problems and therefore don’t take the time to really look at the new lease.

These are the best reasons to avoid this pattern.  If you are needing a copier in Denver, please give us a call!