Copier Leasing – Good Idea or Bad Idea?


Lease or Purchase a Copier in  Denver?

So you are looking to get a new copier for the office.  You have been meeting with reps and some say you should purchase a copier, others talk about leasing.  We hear some interesting ideas when we chat to people about leases.

Here are some of our favorite things that are wrong and a few that are correct.  Fact or Fiction?

  • If I am on a lease I can upgrade the copier whenever I want to.
    • Fact and Fiction – You “can,” but the remaining payments get rolled in to the new copier.  So say you have $125 a month on your payment and 20 months left, whoever does a new lease will roll in the remaining $2500 into the new copier.
  • I want a lease because I want the copier to be able to get service
    • Service is available if you purchase a copier or lease a copier.  The same “all included plan” can happen if you buy the copier and you will get the same level of service.  It is like when you purchase or lease a car or building, the gas will still go in the tank or furnace if you buy or if you lease
  • I cannot lease because we don’t want to blow our operating cash flow for the month
    • This is the most valid reason to lease
  • I don’t want to buy a copier because technology changes
    • Another situation where leasing isn’t better.  Maybe a 1 year rental would make more sense if that is the concern.
  • My accountant says I should for tax reasons
    • Fair enough.  They know best on that.

If you would like to purchase or lease a copier in Denver, please give us a call.  We would love to help!