Copier Maintenance Plans

Should You Include a Maintenance Service Plan in Your Copier Lease

When leasing a copier, should you set up the billing so that the company includes maintenance? Many business owners consider this because it simplifies their payments into one bill, but does it make sense financially to do this? That depends on how you set it up. For example, will the maintenance plan include toner and all service repairs? Will you pay for the paper or will the company while the copier is being serviced? Service technicians often use several hundred sheets of paper in the repair, so you want to include these things if you choose to get a maintenance plan. Also, make sure that the company will cover shipping costs for the toner cartridges, or you could get stuck paying for the bill, which adds up fast.

Maintenance fees that come directly from the company will cost extra in fees, but there are ways that you can get around this. To avoid unnecessary fees on your maintenance agreement, have it billed separately. Especially if you print a lot of paper, you can save a small fortune with this strategy.

Placing the maintenance agreement into one check will cost you extra. You have to keep in mind that leasing companies are a business, and because you are rolling the maintenance costs into your lease, they will charge you for the privilege. If a copier sales representative tells you otherwise, you should run the other direction. They probably receive a higher commission for getting you to agree to a maintenance plan, and the money matters more to them than the truth. If you want a quote from someone who will tell you the truth, visit us at our on-site location.