Copier Maintenance Tricks for Denver

It’s summertime, and in many Denver businesses, that means that the office is full of fresh-faced interns, helping out and getting valuable on-the-job experience. These college students might be taking on all sorts of odd jobs across the office, but without the right training and guidance, an inexperienced employee could easily grind your business’s copier equipment to a halt.

If your Denver interns are responsible for running the copy machines in your office, make sure that they receive adequate training on how to properly address issues like paper jams, tray reloading, and toner cartridge changes.

Today’s copiers are very precise pieces of technology, and a toner cartridge inserted incorrectly, or a paper jam cleared inadequately could take the copier offline for several hours, or even days depending on how bad the damage is. Before performing even the most basic tasks, an experienced employee should always instruct new interns on how to properly address the most common copier issues that they will encounter while on the job.

With the right training and guidance, you can prevent summer interns from creating a long-lasting copier issue that will remain well after they return to college for the year.