Copier Maintenance

Even the best Denver area copier has to be maintained

A copier is a great machine. Over the lifetime of such a well-crafted piece of equipment, one copier can be put to many uses. A modern, multifunction copier can act as a press to print out Denver area promotional items. It can be used a networked office printer. It can also be used just to make copies. What happens with this machine breaks down?

There are many repair options from which to choose. One option is to hire an employee to fix equipment hen it breaks. This isn’t a bad option for a large business, but many small companies can’t afford the extra help. Another option is to pay for the repair per call. This isn’t a bad idea if the copier never breaks down, but sometimes equipment needs to be repaired on a regular basis. This leads to the third option: Obtaining a service contract with a company. The service contract will cover all repairs that might be needed. The contract could also cover a few other areas. This includes keeping your copier maintained, not just fixed. This service might include replacing the toner with new ink, keeping the paper stocked, and replacing any worn down parts.

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