Copier Manager or Managed Print Services?

If you want to save on your print spending then you should have someone there to help watch your back. It can be hard to manage every part of your spending, especially when there are bigger things on your plate. There are two main  directions that you can lean towards: choosing a copier manager or working with a managed print services company. However, how do you know what is the best option for you?

Copier Managers

  • Copier managers should be people who already work for your company. They should be good at being organized and finding patterns
  • This person should be your first point of contact with everything involved with your copier
  • They should look at various places of waste and try to save you money
  • This will be much less expensive than the other option, but you may not notice as many spots to save
  • This is a great option for businesses that are small or medium sized

Managed Print Service Companies

  • This is using the service of a company whose entire job is to monitor print use and spending
  • They will be able to detect and follow everything that happens in your printer
  • Look for wasted resources in terms of consumables from specific individuals or departments
  • This will come at a monthly cost, but the savings can make the money worth it
  • Best for large business with massive print needs that are too difficult for one person to follow

Having someone to help you manage your spending is a great way to save. Don’t go at it alone. One of the best ways to save on your copier lease is to get help from managed print services or a copier manager.