Copier Rentals in Denver – Not Always Smart

Renting a copier is a short term solution to the problem of needing another copier but not wanting to spend $8,000 to get one.  With the newer technology from companies like Lexmark, where you can get a 40 page per minute copier for $1,000.00 it is sometimes silly to rent.  Why?  Rentals are expensive!  Don’t get me wrong, we love to do short term copier rentals because there is good profit for us and for you, it is a simple solution to a problem you have.  Generally, this expense is nothing compared to the myriad of other expenses making the copier necessary in the first place.

Just be aware that you don’t always have to “rent” a copier.  There are some copiers out there which you can buy at the same price and then use the device at home or in an area of the company that needs some new equipment anyway.  However, if you do need a copier rental in Denver, please call us!