Copier Rentals

Defining Needs Helps Get the Right Denver Copier!

If you are in Denver and looking for a copier rental, just be aware there are some key factors you should know about as you search for a used copier.

Many companies looking for a short term copier rental would do just as well buying a copier for their limited use.  For example, if a customer wants to have a 30 page per minute copier, a Lexmark X264 can be purchased for under $400 and would work well for up to 3,000 pages a month.  Why spend a ton for a rental when you could have a copier to use for the next office opening or that is available if the project happens to last a little longer?

There are situations where a larger copier is needed, especially when more advanced features such as stapling, copying or tabloid capability.

Give us a call and we’ll help you determine if a copier rental or a copier sale makes more sense in your scenario!