Copier Sales, Change or Die…

Time for a Change!!

Time for a Change!!

It is very obvious the copier industry is changing substantially.  I just finished going to the ITEX trade show as a exhibitor and I realized some pretty basic things about where the copier industry is headed.  First of all, it was interesting that at show for copier vendors, Ricoh, Kyocera, Canon and Xerox all choose not to attend or have a booth.  We have been hearing more and more through the grapevine that the big manufacturers are headed towards “managed services companies” as a whole.  The question is, why?

it became more and more obvious why this is the case as I was there.  I found that most copier companies do not really embrace technology.  They tend to be intimidated by it.  For example, in the database I have of over 900 printers and copiers, most reps seemed confused as to why a customer would want a legit side by side comparison.

If copier reps insist on doing business according to the good ol boys network they have used for years they will see themselves losing more and more business to manufacturers and IT companies.  It is time to change and use copier technology to our advantage!

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