Copying Machine Talk

Xerox WorkCentre 7328

Xerox WorkCentre 7328

Have you been looking to get a Copying Machine and are finding there is a weird copier language…  I am going to give you a “cheat sheet” of what some of the copying machine lingo means in actual English…

TCO — Total Cost of Ownership.  How much does the machine cost to own, some use the term as a supplies term, some as supplies and maintenance and others (like ourselves), use the term to mean the total cost of the equipment + Supplies + Maintenance.

MTBF — Mean Time Between Failure — How long in between breaking on average?

CPP  or CPI — Cost per Print or Cost per Impression.  This number should answer the question of how much does a copy cost you as a user.

FMV or $1 Buyout — Both are Lease terms.  One says you have to give the machine back at the end of the term (FMV) or pay its Fair Market Value.  The other says you can keep the device for a buck at the end of the term.

RADF — Reversing Auto Document Feeder — The Doc Feeder is the thing on top you put paper in when making copies…  the reversing means it’ll run through that twice to get both sides.  A DADF is better by far.

DADF — Duplexing Auto Document Feeder — Scans both sides of the page at once

Duplex – Both Sides (scanning or printing both use the term)

Tabloid – 11 X 17 paper (as opposed to legal or letter sized).

Duty Cycle — An inflated numbers used by manufacturers which tell you how many pages something would print if you were only wanting it to go for 1 month (The maximum work it could handle in a month.) On average divide this number by 10 for the regular maximum usage.

FTO — First Time Out — How long does the First page take to get out when making a copy.

Hopefully this will help you make sense of some of the acronyms you will be seeing in your copier purchase!