CopyStar CI400 Product Review

Kyocera Mita America has just released a new line of Tabloid Capable Color copiers which have some of the best reliability as well as some of the lowest costs in the industry.  Now, the machines themselves are more expensive than a comparable Sharp, Canon, or Konica Minolta copier, but there are major advantages in consumables and reliability in regards to these devices.

The first thing to know is that the toner is what is called emulsion aggregate toner.  Basically, what this means is that the toner has been organically grown to be a consistent (and very small) particle size so that less toner can be used on the page and more consistent color can be acheived.  The biggest benefit to you is 30% less toner is used and therefore the per print costs go down substantially.

Kyocera has made this machine so that your per print color costs should be less than $.06 per page.  This is the best rate in the industry at this point in time, so it’s definately worth checking out.  If you do not need tabloid, it’s likely this copier is not the best fit based on equipment costs, but if you do, this is definately a top of the line copier with rock bottom color prices.