Cost per Print or Cost per Click?

checklistConsidering a Denver copier for the office? Consider some truths vs. myths. Many people believe that copiers are less expensive than laser printers. This may be true but sometimes it’s just not. To get the most accurate number when calculating a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), be sure to include as many components as possible for the best Denver copier for your needs. You should consider costs for prints, maintenance, power, and the copier or printer itself.

When calculating the equation, may people forget to factor in the copier or printer cost, and only look at the cost per device to compare the two. This in effect discounts two distinct variables in the equation: cost of the device and how likely it is to need repairs over the long haul. In addition, most copiers have a printer version, with both boasting the same cost per print. However, the printer version is often less expensive and easier to maintain. Even so, sometimes copiers are cheaper because users often go with laser printers that are cheap and inefficient. Many times, copiers come out ahead when matched with a printer making 15,000 pages monthly, with the copier costing half as much as the laser printer. Looking into each detail when comparing the two will save you a lot of money and hassle down the road when looking into a Denver copier sales company.