Cut Down on Print Costs

Negotiating a fair copier lease can be a challenge, but it’s only one part of your monthly payment. On top of the lease itself you have to pay for consumables, like ink and paper. Most people sign contract to receive a certain amount of prints per month, but they don’t think about the best way to cut down on their monthly print costs.

Deciding how many prints you need a month can be a large determining factor of how much you pay per month. Many people pay for many more prints than they will ever need, wasting money every month. The trick is to actually buy a little less prints than you think you will need every month.

Leasing companies will try to scare you into buying more prints than you need. They might tell you that the additional fees for buying more prints if you run out will be too expensive. In reality the extra cost will be minor in comparison to how much money you may be throwing away each month.

To cut down on your monthly print costs you need to seriously consider how many prints you need per month. If you think you use 25,000 prints per month, then stick to that number. Don’t be tricked by salespeople. Here is an example of how they may try and trick you.

  • You think that you need 25,000 prints per month, offered at $.015 per print
  • A salesperson suggests that you get 30,000 prints per month offered at $.014 per print. They tell you that the price per print is lower and you won’t have to ever worry about running out.
  • Do not listen to this person. They know that you will likely never use those prints.

25,000 prints X $.015 per print = $375 per month

30,000 prints X $.014 per print = $420 per month

That’s a difference of $45 per month, over the cost of a 5-year lease is $2700 of potentially wasted money.

Cutting down on your monthly cost of prints can drastically cut down on your expenses. Call us today to learn more about saving money on prints in Denver.