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The choice to purchase or rent a copier is, unfortunately, not a simple matter. While obtaining a rental might serve the purposes of the immediate project you have in mind, sometimes you can purchase a copier for only a little more money. This could pay off in the long run if you use the copier even on an occasional basis.

The elements that will help you determine if a purchase will serve you better than a rental are:

• The per-minute speed of the copier
• The print volume expected every month
• The need for advanced features such as tabloid abilities, stapling and color copying

Many businesses underestimate their needs and end up renting a machine more often than necessary. This situation would certainly be intolerable for a business with consistently large or variable monthly printing volumes. Gathering information over time will help you clarify the specifications that will ultimately lead you to the right product. If you need assistance, this information can also be used by our professionals to help you decide.

In order to decide which unit is most appropriate, consider the monthly print volume of your business, the speed of copying and your minimum requirements for any advanced features.

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