Denver Copier Techs

storm.pngAs frustrating as it is and no matter how you try to avoid it, your copier will malfunction once in a while. Many businesses wonder how to tell whether they need to call one of our Denver copier techs when they have a problem. Not always!

For the most part, you can troubleshoot and easily solve most copier issues. We understand that you don’t want to have to pay for one of our Denver copier techs if the issue can be easily resolved on your own. Here are a couple of things you can check before calling one of our highly professional Denver copier techs. 

First, Check for Paper Jams:

This is THE MOST common and maligned copier malfunction. It’s not that big a deal, although it always seems to happen at the worst time.  Simply locate the paper jam and then pull gently on the offending piece of paper. GENTLY is the operative word. Never yank a paper jam. Once you check to make sure you have gotten all of the little pieces removed, restart your copier and move on with your day.
Check your toner and ink levels: If you are beginning to see uneven print on your copies and have already checked and cleaned the scanner glass, it’s possible that your toner and ink cartridges are low or empty. This is an easy fix- just replace it if they are empty!

If these checks don’t fix your issue, please call our Denver copier techs and we will get to you quickly and fix you right up!