Denver Document Management Companies

Document Management - What to look for...

If you are a Denver area company looking at document management and want it to be integrated with your next copier or color copier purchase, then there are a few things you should consider before laying down your shekels.

The first thing you want to understand, is how does the indexing work.  Is it done on the copier, is it done at a workstation?  What is the way you let the document management system know where this electronic document will go?  We believe this is best done at a workstation in batches, not one at a time at a copier.  Why?  You can have one person trained to apply all of the corect indexing fields rather than trying to force 30 or 40 people to all learn how to do indexing.

The next thing you should check on is how is the data accessed? Is itin PDF form that you can copy and move if needed?  Are the file name more like vendor_a_12_3_2010_invoice_3435.pdf or is it like j73r45a?  If it is the latter, what you are doing is marrying that document management provider.  What happens if they go out of business (like 90% of document management companies do?)  How are you goingto access your files without their secret de-coder ring?

If you are considering document management in Denver, you should give us a call so you can see how our system is more robust than the competitors and about 1/5 the price!  Call us for a document management quote in Denver today!