Denver WorkCentre Upgrades

Denver: Xerox WorkCenter Upgrades

In Denver, many businesses still use a copier that does not have the capacity to support sudden or rapid growth. If your business is expanding, you might get better performance by upgrading to a WorkCentre 7125T.

This powerful copier can hold up to 2,130 sheets of paper, which is a valuable feature for busy operations that slow down and lose revenue when using labor time to restock the paper tray. Other features unique to the WorkCentre 7125T, which will help maximize your productivity, are:

• Up to 25 ppm for color
• Up to 25 ppm for black
• Up to 60,000 images each month!

Also supporting this range of productivity is the WorkCenter 7120T model. It permits 50,000 images per month and costs $2,000 less than the 7125T copier. For color and black, it has up to 20 ppm. The choice is yours; upgrading your copier will benefit your business the most when you know which features are most critical to your business’s needs.