Disspelling a Myth About Copiers VS Printers

If you are considering buying a printing device for your Denver area office, you should consider a myth that is usually taken to be true. Most people believe that copiers are always cheaper than printers, but this is not always true. A lot of the reason people always accept this myth as being true is because they do not take into th-31consideration as many costs of owning a copier as possible. Things like the cost per print, maintenance, power usage and the cost of copier itself should all be taken into consideration before making a decision about buying a copier or a printer.

The cost of the copier is a huge factor in making a decision between a copier and a printer. Obviously the copier is much more expensive than the cost of the printer. Some copiers are also much more expensive to maintain because they break down more often than printers do. They can also use a lot of energy. On top of all of this, the copier usually has a printer version which functions similarly (in terms of just the printing function) and both costing the same amount per print.

Copiers do come out ahead sometimes because people will often go with laser printers which are very inefficient per print, especially if a business is printing a large number of prints per month.

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