Document Management, Basics…

Document Management in Denver

Are you looking for a document management solution in Denver? If so, get ready to get reps coming in proposing document management systems that cost in excess of $35,000. If you are a smaller company, this is generally out of the realm of possibilities! Document management does not have to be this expensive! We have a solid document management system that works awesome for about $4500.

Let’s not get stuck on pricing! Costs matter, but if the system doesn’t work, what good is it? If you are evaluating a document management system in Denver, here are some of the things it needs to do, or it isn’t a document management system at all!

  • Capture – This is generally just a scanner and a software portal for files already in electronic format
  • Indexing – This is how you find files late
  • Store – It has to have these images somewhere…  We prefer them to be on your server so that you control all your data!
  • Retrieve – Once it is stored, it should be easy to find your files.

If you would like to see a document management system in action for a reasonable price for your small business, give us a call!