Document Management for Dummies, or People who Don’t Want a Complicated System

So, you are ready to buy that copier and the rep asks you about what you plan on doing with your document scans…  Have you planned out how that is going to work?  You thought that since the copier has a scanner, you really shouldn’t have to spend more money so that it can be organized.  Then you see the quote and realize this is going to cost $1,000 to scan, and then if it really is useful (text searchable, etc…) you are looking at another $5,000 to $10,000 (or more…) What you need is not really complex, it’s just necessary to have a valid system of organization and you want it to work…

Let’s look at another option.  If you have server 2003, you have a cool little piece of software on there called Sharepoint.  It’s free and it works really well for most customers.  It can be attached to work with copiers like Kyocera, Xerox and Lexmark (each with their own relative strengths and weaknesses) and you can scan to a shared folder and save yourself thousands of dollars. If you want help seeing how this can work for your business in the Denver/Front Range area, give us a call and we can help you set up a system like this that will work and not break the bank.