Document Management – Indexing

Who is Going to Index?

When it comes to Document Management, the biggest question we generally hear goes like this…  “We love the system, love the idea of finding all of our documents quickly, but who is going to index the last 20 years of paper documents we have filed?”

This is a very valid question.  If you have filing cabinet after filing cabinet of paper documents, turning them all into electronic files created by a document management system, sounds daunting!  This is why we recommend something simple…  Use cheap labor! 

If you have a great document management system, a high school kid can index these for you on your current copier and network, and have everything done fairly quickly.  They don’t mind the mind numing work and you don’t have to pay document management companies thousands upon thousands of dollars to do this for you!  We think that in about 1 day per full drawer of a filing cabinet, you can get the documents you currently deal with in paper form converted to electronic filing!

If you are interested in Document Management in Denver, we’d love to help you out!  We can hook this into most copier systems on the market.