Document Management Partnership

Pahoda + M-Files = Savings & Productivity Gains!

We at Pahoda Image Products are signing up with M-files as our document management solution.  Document Management can be a confusing term.  We do not mean “scan to network.”  We mean a content management software that controls revisions, stores data, makes retrieval simple and that any size organization can use.  It can be tied to Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce and other popular CRM’s.  It can help companies in Denver trying to gain ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 compliance as well as pharm companies looking to comply with FDA standards of quality.

We find that organizations that have to have these compliance levels, law offices and companies using QMS licenses fare the best and the M-Files solution is a no-brainer.  We can demo the product and talk with your organization about the benefits of Enterprise Content Management.  We can show you why ECM is far better than document management in Denver!