Does Number of Copies in a Base Matter?

If you are looking into leasing a copier or buying a copier here in Denver, you will notice the differences in copier quotes. There is a lot of nuance, so it can feel overwhelming to a first-time buyer. One item you should spend a little time trying to understand is what a base is all about.

Say you have one quote that includes 1000 Color and 1000 Black and white prints for $80 and another that charges $15 per month with nothing included and then each color copy is .08 and the black and white is .013 per print. Which is a better deal?

In this case, the one with the base is a better deal. There is a catch though, it is only a better deal if you actually print the 1000 color and black and white pages. If you only do 500 and 500 one month, the deal gets substantially worse. Let’s look at this example.

In example 1 – the $80 covers the supplies and service for 1000 color and 1000 black and white. So you know if you do 1000 of each, this is the way to go. Comparing the low base quote, that would be $15 + (1000*.065) and (1000*.012) which is $92 total vs $80.

If you only do 500 each – now the $80 deal isnt as good. $15 +(500*.065) + (.012 * 500) = $53.50 rather than $80.

The secret is to ensure the base you get, that you use all of the prints on the plan. If you are not going to use the inclusions, you are often better off doing a zero base contract.