Does Paper Matter in Your Copier?

Why Does Paper Matter for Printing?

The market sells numerous types of paper, but what does it take to find good paper for a quality print job? First, you have to use your senses. For example, look at how it appears when held to the light, smell it, feel the texture and listen to it when it is shaken. You will find a difference in the papers that come from overseas because the standards are different from the United States.

How much paper will you throw away because of jamming? Does the paper have a lot of paper dust? Years ago, there was a lady who thought she had bought a lemon for a copier because all it did was jam. However, when our sales representatives asked her about the type of paper she used, she said she only paid $19 per case (this happened years ago), and we asked her to bring several sheets for comparison. When we held her paper to the light, she was shocked to see tiny pinholes in her paper. It turned out, she was purchasing 15-pound rice paper. When we gave her our paper, the jamming issues disappeared!

If you are a business owner in Denver, Colorado, contact us, and we can help you to choose quality paper that meets your business needs, without jamming your copier!