Don’t Forget What Customer Service Really Means!

Don't Forget Customer Service

Don't Forget Customer Service

Are you looking for a copier in Denver and your lease contract is coming up?  If this is the case this is an interesting position to be in.  Some people seem to forget that customer service matters.  Here are some things to remember if you are looking for a copier in Denver.

One thing that seems to happen with a copier company, is that you will find they are awesome at calling and following up when you are supposed to be buying, but when there are problems, the copier company disappears.  This is a normal thing we hear.  A customer will buy a copier from a competitor and then tell us they are awesome.  A few months later they call us, desperate to figure out this $15,000 copier they were talked into and the sales rep who sold it to them isn’t living up to the promises he made about the copiers.  This is a HUGE frustration to most customers in Denver, and rightfully so.

Now if you are looking for a copier in Denver and your company has been gone when you have had problems, please give us a call so we can help you find something appropriate for your needs.