Don’t Keep Playing Nice!

Are You Tired of Playing Nice with Your Copier Dealer?

Are You Tired of Playing Nice with Your Copier Dealer?

Businesses want good service and they want quality products.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well, it seems that often customers are scared to ask questions because they don’t want to be thought of as a “bad customer.”

When you find something on your copier contract that seems wrong or excessive, it is better to bring the issue up and see what happens.  Here are the normal responses you’ll get from Denver copier companies.

  • This is unusual for our Denver Copier customers, let me get it fixed for you.  (If this is said, ask for a discount for having to go through the trouble of correcting their mistake.)
  • Let me look into it (If they call back with a solution, see above tip.)  Often they will not bother to call back.  Bad news there.  Probably just a ripoff.
  • That’s what the contract states.  If this is the answer, read the contract, or we can help you read it…  Keep the answer in mind before you purchase the next copier in Denver from them.

It is good to say what is happening and have clear channels of communication.  Saying nothing is generally a bad idea as it costs you money on your  copier in Denver and will frustrate you!