Don’t Store Copier Supplies Too Long

Beware of Storing Copier Supplies Too Long

Many Denver companies who use printers and copiers on a daily basis will stock backup cartridges and other printing supplies in their store rooms. While this idea seems like a good one, in reality, it can lose your company thousands of dollars.

The reason is that many companies don’t understand the consumable shelf life of copier and printer supplies. Some manufacturers of these copier products offer one year warranties, so if you pick up a stock cartridge within a year of purchase and it doesn’t work, you’re in luck. You’ll get your money back. But other manufacturers only offer ninety day warranties. If you try to use a cartridge after the ninety days passes and it is not functioning properly, your company loses that money.

To avoid your cartridges going bad and to save your company money, call your Denver manufacturer to check warranties on consumable items. Never stock up on cartridges whose warranties will expire before you put them in your printer. In addition, for compatible items, assure that your Denver supplier offers non-defective policies in writing. Taking these precautionary steps will save your company a lot of hassle and expense.