Don’t Watch Your Color Savings Go Up in Smoke!

Abstract smoke red & blue on white background

You bought a new color copier to go ahead and lower the cost of your color printers, or you are about to….  If you are in this scenario, there are some steps you need to take today to keep your color copier in Denver as inexpensive as possible.

  1. Set people’s default print to black and white and make sure to select the “use black ink only option”…  composite gray counts as a color page with most manufacturers.  (Meaning you’ll get what looks like a black and white page, but still have to pay a color price to get it.
  2. Before you sign a contract.  Look at your documents.  Is there a lot of color or only a little bit?  You plan should reflect this in one way or the other.  If you have a lot of color, DO NOT sign a lease that says you can be charged for color at a higher rate if you exceed 20% color coverage.
  3. Do not pay for scans.  Or don’t pay more than $.0015 per scan.  Any more than that, you’re getting ripped off.
  4. Try to make sure people stay in the habit of printing in Black and White whenever possible.
  5. Get some training on tools manufacturers will include to manage your color costs and exposure.  All of them have something, make sure you know what it is and you use it.

If you need a color copier in Denver, please give us a call right away so we can help you avoid some of these costly mistakes!