Emulsion Aggregate (EA) Toner – What is it??


There is a new buzz in the printer and copier world in regards to color toner.  It is called “organic” toner by some “emulsion aggregate” toner by others.  What is this and why does it matter to you, the copier buyer here in the Denver area? 

EA toner is essentially chemically grown toner.  It is not the conventional toner which starts as pigminted plastics and is ground down to smaller and smaller particle size.  It is chemically grown, so it is “built up” rather than “ground down.”  It allows for the particles to be smaller which means less toner is needed per page.  This is a more green solution, but also provides a sharper image on the page.

The quality of print is better with EA toner, as is the sharpness of printed lines, the amount of waste is lower, the amount of energy used is lower and the toner is also more gentle on the printer engine.  In just about everyway, this is a superior type of toner for color copies.  If you are looking for a color copier in Denver and want to learn more about EA Toner, please see a .pdf from Xerox which will help explain the benefits in more detail.       ea_toner1.pdf