How to end a Copier Lease

Signing a copier lease can be an exciting moment. It’s a big step for your business and you want to get to work as soon as possible. However, this can lead people to not pay as close of attention as they should to certain parts of their leases. It’s not uncommon for people to ignore what they need to pay attention to in the final parts of their lease. Knowing how to end a copier lease is crucial to understand early or you could end up spending more than you should.

Ending a copier lease is all about understanding three different parts of the process

  1. Avoiding automatic rollover
  2. Figuring out shipping logistics
  3. Packing your machine correctly.

The first thing you need to do is check if your lease includes automatic rollover. This gives your leasing company the ability to keep your lease going unless you write to them and tell them you do not want to continue. Make sure that you do your part to make sure you lease ends on time. If you don’t then you could be stuck on a lease for at least a few extra months you hadn’t planned on.

Next, figure out how to ship your copier. Don’t assume that your leasing company will just take care of this. Check your lease or talk with your leasing company to be sure. Look for deals on copier shipping early to make a good plan.

Finally, read your manual and understand how to package your copier. Pack things like toner in separate, plastic bags to avoid stains. Follow the instructions or you could be charged later.

If you make sure that you understand your responsibility of ending a copier lease then you should be fine. Look through your copier lease early to make sure nothing sneaks up on you.