Evaluating a Copier Lease

You are going to want to do everything you can to make sure you are on a copier lease you like. It is also important to make sure you are working with a company that you trust. Knowing how to evaluate your copier lease can be an extremely helpful skill when knowing if you are about to sing something you can stake your business on.

  • Does this machine fit my budget? Leasing a copier is not a cheap business expense. You need to find a budget that works and make absolutely sure that your agent will stick in those limits. If you start to find yourself compromising this then you could put your business in jeopardy
  • What are the features I absolutely need? Did you end up with those needs being met? Did you also end up with a bunch of features you never planned on? Make sure that you are getting what your business needs, not falling into what your salesperson wants.
  • Do I need a tabloid copier? This one question can save you thousands down the road. Most companies do not need a tabloid copier. Absolutely do not agree to something with tabloid abilities if you do not need them. It will be a waste of money.
  • What happens if my copier breaks down? Does your lease come with a continued maintenance agreement? Make sure you and your leasing company are on the same page. You are going to want to have a plan if something goes wrong.

These are just some areas to consider when evaluating a copier lease. A good way to make sure you are getting what you need is to come by Denver Copier. We would be happy to look at your old copier lease and show you how we can set you up with something even better.