Examining the end of a Copier Lease

In our last post we discussed how important it was to look into different parts of your copier lease. One of the parts that we emphasized paying attention to was the end of your copier lease. This time we wanted to go a little deeper in depth about what you will want to look for in the end of your copier lease and help you understand why it’s important.

The reason that looking closely at the end of your copier lease is that there are usually provisions that can cost you a lot of money if you are not careful. These generally aren’t very difficult things to understand, but people forget about them and then get hit with charges later, which can be infuriating at the end of a carefully followed lease.


  • Look for Automatic Rollover. If this is in your lease then your copier leasing company can continue your lease past your originally agreed upon date. You will need to cancel your lease by a specifically chosen time or else your lease could continue on for a number of months.
  • Know your shipping responsibilities. This mostly revolves around knowing who is going to ship your copier for you. Your copier leasing company will usually not just do this for you. Look into what you need to take care of early on in order to avoid things sneaking up on you.
  • Understand how to pack. This is the easiest thing to forget because it seems so simple. Your lease or user manual should stipulate how you need to package your copier. This could be something as simple as putting toner in plastic bags. If you don’t follow these rules then you could end up paying fines.